It’s hot outside, and in the midst of planning your Fourth of July barbecue and prepping the pool for months of heavy use, remember that your plants are also waiting for a cool summer drink. Water, prune, feed and plant; before you know it fall will be here Most people are aware of the honeybee

Homebuyers cause a jump in new mortgage applications as more home finally hit the market. Home prices of existing homes have hit all time highs! And the most new homes in a decade were completed in May, but is it enough? After falling for two straight weeks, mortgage application volume rose 2.5 percent last week,

Holding an open house can be a great way to get your home for sale noticed — that is, if your home is in good condition. If not, well… Few buyers want to buy a house sight unseen. Holding an open house is a great way to get many potential buyers through the door and

Home Prices Continue to Rise, and More Is Predicted for 2018. Home sellers had it good at the end of last year, racking up profits they hadn’t seen in more than a decade, a new report finds. You are your partner may be thinking of taking advantage of buying a home before prices climb much

Not all home improvements are created equal. These will reward you the most when it comes time to sell. Because while any home improvement that brings you joy is priceless, not all add as much home equity as you might expect. When it comes to home improvement, some dollars stretch more than others. And if

Whether it’s a microscopic-sized patio or a sprawling lawn the dimensions of a football field, your yard is packed with potential (think bonus room with one heck of a cross-breeze)! Our patio ideas and inspiring shortcuts will help you create the perfect summer BBQ zone or the best curb appeal on the block. No need

It’s finally yours. Your very own home. You can paint the walls whatever you like. Heck, even knock out a wall! There’s no landlord to fight you. But if you’re serious about developing good homeowner habits (so your home makes you richer, not poorer), you’ll use this worksheet the minute you close on your home

Finding a new home is a stressful task that can take weeks, sometimes months.. But when you move in it’s hard for it to feel like ‘yours’ straight away, it can take a while for that feeling of home to really settle in. There’s no doubt that creating a home takes time. Insta-home isn’t really

Increasing your home’s curb appeal is one of the most important parts to selling your home, it’s your potential buyer’s first impression – but did you know that most buyers won’t step foot out of their vehicle if the yard isn’t in good shape? Ideally the time to get started cleaning up your yard is

Summer Home Buying Strategies

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A lot of people talk about the spring being the most popular home buying season. But with Summer, the days are getting longer. Ice cream truck jingles echo up and down the block. But with the markets being crazy, summer has become the time for people to find their dream home. But there’s no reason